6 Reasons Why Every International Student Needs a Credit Card

edwise-logoAugust 2018

No matter which country you choose for your higher education, finances are always the most essential element. With the passage of time, education loan has surely played a pivotal role in making overseas education affordable, but at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that the introduction of credit cards has made it easy to manage the petty expenses during overseas education, which might have been a hassle otherwise. Gone are the days when credit cards used to be a necessity for the employed or business class people only, these days credit cards have become a requisite for the students aspiring to pursue an overseas education. If you are also an aspirant looking forward to pursue your further education abroad, let’s see how a credit card is a must have thing for you.

  • Secure Transactions

Transactions made through a credit card are more secure as compared to those made through a debit card. In case of in-person theft or loss, where a debit card puts your cash assets at risk, a credit card is much safer and can be easily blocked. Adding to the advantage, you can easily disconnect with the credit card in case your information is compromised.

  • Building a Credit history

Credit history is an important part of your economic success, just like income and savings. Borrowing small and large amounts from the bank and then repaying it back on time helps you build up a credit score, which reflects your accountability and further helps you a lot in case you need some loan in the future. It depicts that you are capable and responsible enough to pay back the borrowed amount on time.

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  • Unforeseen Situations

Expenses such as medical emergencies, auto repairs or plane tickets can be a big hassle in a student’s life. Thus, in order to overcome any such unforeseen situation, a credit card can be your helping hand and also offer you the time and flexibility of a billing cycle to get your finances in order without being at a loss for necessary cash.

  • Collateral Deposits

A few services such as car rentals, hotels, and cell phone companies etc often insist on submitting a credit card while signing up. This is called collateral, which is something of value that can be used as a security deposit. Using a credit card for such security deposits help you avoid losing access to cash.

  • Financial Independence

Sometimes, financial imbalance can create a hassle in your life. Situations, like waiting for your salary or waiting for a wire transfer to hit your account, may test your patience and leave you in a chaos of temporary financial crisis. In such situations, a credit card is a blessing that can help you curb with the problem by helping you manage your everyday expenses, which you can easily pay back once you receive your payments, thereby making you financially independent.

  • Unexpected Charges

A few items such as cell phone plans, bus passes, and electronic toll booth readers are subject to unexpected charges. To add to it, transportation passes often require you to maintain a balance that is automatically refreshed through your registered card in case of insufficient balance. Caught by such miscellaneous unexpected expenses, you can find yourself unexpectedly without cash, thus credit card can be extremely helpful to help you survive through such situations.

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August 2018


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